Car Polish & Chair Wash

ChildcareCar polish is a product that removes dirt, grease, scratches and scrapes from automobile paint. It is a car detailing product that comes in several different forms such as liquids, sprays and creams. Car detailing refers to the cleaning and shining work done on vehicles. Many car polishes contain solvents such as turpentine that clean the auto paint and remove impurities from it to allow the shine to show through.

Although car polish brings out the shine in a vehicle’s paint finish, it’s important to understand that polishes are not the same as waxes. This is confusing to many people since some waxes are sold as polishes and vice versa, but the two products are actually very different. Car wax applied to automobile paint acts as a protective layer. It’s non-abrasive and fills in little dents in the paint finish. Car polish on the other hand, is slightly abrasive and it removes surface grime.